Handmade Paper

At Maple Street Paper Company we make handmade papers based on the time-honored craft. The paper pulp is beat in house using our 5-pound beater. Each sheet is hand pulled using a laid mould, pressed and restraint dried.

Paper Content

The papers found in our collections are 100% cotton, with the exception of our Kaleidoscope paper. Kaleidoscope’s paper content is recycled catalogues.  Cotton papers also called cotton rag or rag paper are an exquisite substrate to work with.

Paper Size

Our standard paper is 19″ x 25″.

Paper Chemistry

Papers are internally sized and buffered.


The average retail price for our handmade paper range from $12.00-$16.00 per sheet. Maple Street Paper Company sells its papers wholesale to approved retailers, designers and artist. To accommodate smaller firms and individuals interested in our product, we sell in wholesale brackets with order quantities as low as 10 sheets. Contact us for our wholesale pricing.

Custom Orders

Paper can be made to your specific needs.  We can modify paper by color, weight, size, shape and type of inclusion.  Custom orders will be quoted on an individual basis. Lead time will vary.  Please plan accordingly, beyond production time handmade paper takes several days to dry before it can be shipped. Please contact us at 231-924-4577 for more information.

Samples and Swatch Books

If you are looking to sample a couple of our papers please contact us and we will send some examples.  A complete set of samples is available in our swatch book.  Swatch books are $30.00, to be refunded if your first order is $200 or more.


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