Below is a list of questions often asked about our handmade paper.  If you have a question that is not here please contact us at info@maplestreetpaper.com or 231-924-4577.

Can I print digitally on your handmade paper?
We recommend traditional forms of printing such as letterpress, other relief printing methods and engraving. The solid papers can go through some inkjet printers. A printer with a straight feed and the ability to handle art/thick papers is ideal. Please consider running test prints on our paper before ordering & digitally printing large runs on our handmade paper. Our papers are internally sized and do not have any loading agents or O.B.A.’s (optical brightening agents) in them. This results in a beautifully soft print as the ink absorbs into the paper more than digital printer papers.
Can I cut your handmade paper with an industrial cutting machine?
Yes, with the exception of the Wedding Stripe Paper, Confetti Paper (made to order only) and Top Hat Paper (made to order only). Our paper inclusions are organic or polymer based and contains no metal. The aforementioned three papers have inclusions that are aluminum based.
What is the parent size?
Our parent sheet size is 19″ x 25″
What is the minimum order for wholesale accounts?
Ten parent sheets is the minimum needed for a wholesale order. If ordering smaller paper sizes the order minimum is $80.00.
Do you offer color matching services?
Yes, we can create custom paper colors. There is a one-time custom color fee of $35.oo. Please allow at least a one month lead time for production. Please contact us for an accurate production schedule.
Where is the paper made?
All our papers are handmade in Michigan. Support local, please consider using a U.S. manufacturer for your handmade paper needs.

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